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Dragon Ball Super TCG: Realm of the Gods (B16) Ingles



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In addition to SSG Trunks : Xeno, the new set stands resplendent with a glorious pantheon of the godliest fighters in Dragon Ball Super Card Game history! As is only fitting for a battle between gods, this set features the debuts of Shroom and Salsa’s new costume designs alongside SSG Trunks : Xeno!

There’s also a new skill: Empower! Once you play a Unison, it can often feel like a waste to play a different one and lose all the markers you’ve built up. Empower is here to solve that. And that’s not all?—there are more cards coming that will open up new ways to play a variety of Unison Cards!

We’ve made some adjustments to card rarities, too. We’ve heard your concerns about the number of cards you need to collect to build decks, but we also know how much players like variety in card art and designs. For that reason, we’ve reduced the number of SRs while increasing the number of SPRs, giving you a chance to enjoy an even wider variety of card art than ever before.

There’s also a new rarity: God Rare!

Think of this as a parallel version of an SCR. Which card?—and which character?—will be elevated to God Rare status? You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out!

Now what you’ve all been waiting for, let’s take a look at some of the new cards in the set!

Each pack contains 12 random cards.

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