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Super Mario Bros Build A Level Light (Lampara)


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Time to level up your lighting!
Made up of 16 double-sided stackable light blocks
Each one featuring classic characters and level icons
Stack and arrange them any way you please!
Officially licensed Nintendo collectable
Hold onto your little red hats – Mario is back and ready to light up your home! Thanks to the Super Mario Bros Build A Level Light, you can turn any room in your house into a Nintendo fan’s paradise.

Featuring a whole host of familiar icons and characters from the much-loved Mario saga, this stackable set includes 16 light-blocks for you to arrange as you please. Each pixelated cube is double-sided and can be stacked in a whole host of combinations to create your own unique Mario level.

The perfect gift for gaming geeks and nostalgia junkies alike, this towering beauty of button-bashing history is a brilliant way to brighten up your home or office space. All you need now is a large green plant pot and a scarily-oversized Venus fly trap!

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